Wednesday, June 24, 2015

St. Andrews

My first impression of St. Andrews is that is was windy and cold. Much like the rest of Scotland. But it is totally beautiful, also much like the rest of Scotland. 

We traveled down the main shopping road and straight out to the old cathedral, which was in ruins but still breathtaking. The ruined cathedral sits within a massive graveyard with grave stones and names long worn away. It was awesome to witness something SO OLD. Even though the cathedral was worn away, you could still see the cloister posts and just imagine how massive the original cathedral was. Robert the Bruce christened the cathedral back in the 1300's. However, the Augustine monks first established the area in the 900's. That is OLD! 

The ruins of the old cathedral and grounds have been used to build walls, bridges and even docks. The dock that stands now is a replacement of one destroyed by a storm back in 1651 and it was built of the ruin's stones. The whole area is magnificent and is right next to the university and old golf course. 

These are the remnants of the former castle. 

We also went to the Old Golf Course in St. Andrews, where golf is practically a religion. Aaron nor I are golfers but I can appreciate history when I see it. 

Just as in every town, there is a lovely fountain or sculpture that usually marks the center of town. Aaron was able to get some vegan lunch and I had fish and chips at a pub. Fortunately the pub had cask ales, which I am in love with right now! 

If you want to see the cathedral how it used to be, take a look at this video here!

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