Sunday, June 21, 2015


Luss was a random discovery, but I'm so glad we went. My friend from college told me that Luss was a must see but I hadn't researched it before I left. When we arrived at Loch Lomond, I saw it close on the map and made it a priority for the day. We explored Luss and then ate at teeny tiny cafe in the town. Ashlin and I learned very quickly how much the Scottish love their mayonnaise and cream. Other than the food, the town was lovely.

We planned on going to Lock Lomond, Luss, and then around the Loch and
back to Glasgow. The drive around the Loch was absolutely amazing. We
found a few lookout spots where the mists met the mountains and it
rained every other minute. It was beautiful, as you'll see below.

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