Monday, June 15, 2015

London Day 2

I finally got to go inside Westminster Abbey! I was not allowed to take pictures, but I snuck one at the end. I mean, it's where Kate and Wills got married!

We then moved in to shopping at Harrods which is where I buy tea! Harrods is a gigantic, high class shopping mal where you can get anything you want. There's even an entire. Floor dedicated to a toy store! Back in the 1800s, tea was their first product to sell so naturally I bought a fabulous Earl Grey.

The boys were not so amused. We went from Harrods to the Connaught Hotel for a high tea. It was a bit fancier than I expected, but it was delicious and so fun for Ashlin and I. However, their "scones" we're more like our American biscuits, so that was disappointing. 

From the Connaught we headed to central London and Trafalgar Square where they were streaming live Opera! Culture central around here. We also hit up Leicester Square and Covent Garden. We waited an hour in the queue for amazing Indian food and then called it a night so we could head to Newcastle early in the morning. 


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