Saturday, June 6, 2015


I've never gone on a trip this "planned" before and have never taken so few belongings with me. One 46 liter Osprey backpack and a large Longchamp purse are all I have for 5 weeks. Aaron and I decided early on to book our hotels and hostels in advanced because we noticed the smaller towns were already booking up. There's a certain amount of comfort in knowing that we have a bed reserved and wont need to find a place once we get to our multiple destinations. We wont be spending much time in the hotels, I'm sure. 

Not only is this the longest trip for Aaron and I, but this is my first trip to see Europe with my dear friend Ashlin! We've been best friends since we were 12. Ashlin and her husband Todd will be meeting us in Newark and will be sitting behind us on on our 7 hour flight to London. Upon arrival, Ashlin and I will promptly ditch our husbands for all things Jane Austen and Wills & Kate (the boys will be fine due to the plethora of pubs they are sure to discover). 

Below is the planned itinerary of the towns we will be staying in and for how long. Hopefully I'll be able to post about most of them, but who knows how busy we will be. I cannot wait to get back to Europe and traveling with Aaron is a dream. I am so THRILLED!

June 6-8: Fort Worth with Caitlin and Drew
June 8: Meet up in Newark with Ashlin and Todd and fly overnight to London!
June 9-10: London
June 11: Newcastle Upon Tyne
June 12-14: Glasgow with my cousin, Robbie!
June 15-19: Edinburgh
June 20-22: Perth
June 23-26: Aberdeen
June 27-29: Shenal
June 30-July 2: Inverness
July 3: Thurso
July 4-6: Talmine
July 7-9: Isle of Skye
July 10-11: Fort William
July 12: Edinburg
July 13: Leave Edinburg after breakfast!

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