Friday, September 9, 2016

Love much, travel often.

I feel so very blessed daily that I was able to find a partner that is as much in to world travel as I am. Last week, Aaron and I started planning out trip to Spain. We were just sipping coffee in our office together, discussing what we might like to do there when I started looking up airline tickets. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw that round trip tickets from Dallas to Barcelona were going for under $700. Aaron and I were both convinced to purchase those tickets immediately.It's a good thing we did because tickets went up to $1700 the very next day! How is that legal, United Airlines?

Just FYI - we purchased tickets on a Sunday morning almost 10 months out. We are flying out on a Tuesday and returning on a Wednesday. I always heard that flying mid week is cheaper and the best day to buy tickets is a Tuesday, for us it was a Sunday. I found this site really helpful for flight advice. 

We are doubly blessed to have our summers "off" to travel. I say "off" because we work a 10 month teaching contract and are required to split it in to 12 months of pay. Teachers don't have summers "off"...we work for it.

Either way, we decided it's not worth going abroad if you can't stay for a long time. We'll be there for 28 days. Spain for a month! I can't wait! Now it's time to work on the itinerary. 

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